Why do you need galvanized steel?

When talking about metal or steel, it may remind you of “strength” because the properties of the material. It is often used for making various products that requires strength, including the constructions and buildings, but no matter how strong it is, it has some disadvantages. Steel is quite heavy compared to other materials, however another major factor is that steel can get rusty. Therefore, there is a way to prevent the steel material from getting rusty easily by plating with a chemical called “galvanize”

Galvanize or (Galvanize) is the iron plated with zinc to make a layer of zinc coat in order to prevent rust. Which the balcony railings from DECORA use the method Electro-Galvanizing or Electroplating which the workpiece is plating into an electrolyte bath containing zinc, which a induction is used to help the zinc sticks firmly to the workpiece. Usually, it has a layer thickness of 6-10 microns. Galvanized steel is suitable as a product for use in outdoor applications and is weatherproofed. There is also a black paint with Powder Coating System, also known as powder spraying all over the workpiece. Then it will be baked at a high temperature of 180-200 degrees celsius to melt the paint sticks firmly to the workpiece.