Technique for luxury style stair railing

Luxury style stair railing, not just to be exquisite but it has to be strong and durable as well as safety. Preference and uniqueness of owner’s home can be representative via decoration style and function. Because of every components inside a home should be matched together, so we will bring techniques that may expand your idea for home decoration.

1. Tempered glass railing type: due to its transparency from tempered glass which allows you see through it makes the overall looks feel spacious.

2. 304 stainless steel equipments which is not getting rusty for the product lifetime. The equipements is durable and can bear with heavy tempered glass well.

3. Wall mounted handrail has various designs including round pipe, square pipe, artificial wood bar, wood bar, etc.

As you can see, to make your home decoration be more luxury is not too difficult, for more information you can contact us!

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