3 tips and tricks to keep your stainless steel railing be cleaned.

Stainless steel is used because people know that it’s strong, firm, durable, and not getting rusty for the product lifetime, but the problem is when the has passed, it will be less polished. Today, DECORA will share you some tricks and tips how you can clear stainless steel railing with your equipments that you can find in your home.

Soap water is very suitable for cleaning stainless steel, by using diluted soap water to clean at the surface and any angle of railing in order to get rid of stain.

Baking soda, if the stain is rarely to be cleant, mixing baking soda with water, then spread it over the stain. After letting the liquid does its work, scrub it and use a microfiber fabric to wipe it out.

Dishwashing, yes, you did not misread it. If the stain is sticky and hard to clean, by using a damp microfiber fabric and dishwashing clean the railing, wipe it out as the last process.

AS you can see, even stuff in your home can be used to clean your stainless steel railing. Remind yourself! A microfiber fabric is good for stainless steel, always wipe following lines on railing, and you should do a cleaning at least twice per week.

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