Can we decorate our houses with tempered glass?

Tempered glass or can be called safety glass, when it breaks, instead of shatter into large pieces, it will remain in tiny pieces as harmless fragments. Most people concern the danger from getting cut, so that is why they are interested in this kind of material.

Tempered glass is made from tempering process which requires temperature at 650 °C up to 700 °C, and rapidly cooled down by forced air drafts. From the difference of temperature between surface and inner center creates a compression from both side of surfaces and it is about 5 times stronger than normal glass.

Where can we use tempered glass for decorations?

Tempered glass can be transformed into many parts such as door, room divider, indoor tempered glass wall, furniture, balcony railing, and guard rail, and including stair railing as well

Tempered glass cannot be used as a roof for any building, outdoor wall, floor, and footpath. Even it is a safety glass but using for some area is not to be safe anymore.

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